Tutor: Iwiyisi Jacobs
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Iwiyisi Jacobs


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Business, Fashion

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Students will need

Pen and pad for note taking


N 70,000

A two week intensive course taught by the remarkable genius behind Hermosa Boda, Nigeria’s pioneer scene staging luxury design company.

Students signed on to this course will be taken through the thought process of the average buyer in their target market and how to influence the process that leads from window shopping to “add to basket”.

They will also be taught about visual merchandising and how presentation is the difference between making no sales and demand exceeding supply in your business. You will be taught color psychology, product preparation and presentation as well as how to create a flow and ambience in your space that will say everything your brand is about without you having to utter a word.

Lucky teams could even get a chance to tag along with the Tutor for a field assignment, thereby gaining real time experience and guidance through the eyes of a seasoned industry leader.

At the end of the course, there will be an artistic representation of a space, prepared by each student for the target clientele base that has been assigned to them. This will be assessed and critiqued to address whatever each student needs. At the end of this very hands on course, our candidates will be armed and ready with all the necessary information to distinguish themselves and their brand in a competitive market place.