THE BUSINESS OF FASHION (Practicing in Nigeria and Abroad)

Tutor: Ewemade Bode Banjoko
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Ewemade Bode Banjoko


Monday, 4 December 2017


Business, Fashion

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Pen and pad for note taking


N 69,000

Another three week intensive course from Shakara Couture and Ewemade Van Joko. This course is the third in the fashion training series.

The students that sign up for this course will be taken through the process of setting up a fashion business in Nigeria. You will also be taught how the fashion industry works abroad. This will equip you to practise wherever you would wish to.

You will learn how to create a business plan for fashion, how to hire staff for your business, how to handle the issues and complexities that come with the staff. You will also be taught how to design a collection from the start to finish, how to launch a public relations campaign and the best ways to go about this.

The finer details of dealing with this age of social media and internet fame will be taught as well as how to keep your life as a person, separate from your life as a company’s head.

The history of fashion, process of design, fabric sourcing, predicting future trends, staging fashion shows as well as dealing with all the industry professionals you will be required to work with will be some of the topics covered. This will be an exciting and much needed course for the intending designer.