Isaac Erhabor Emokpae

Isaac Erhabor Emokpae's art is based broadly on the principle of duality. He studied Visual Arts under the tutelage of Professor Abayomi Barber at the University of Lagos, it was during this time that Isaac truly honed his skills as a painter churning out works largely in the Expressionism and Surrealism art movements. Isaac Emokpae is an award winning artist who has held several group and solo exhibitions within and outside Nigeria. He has a wide ranging portfolio that is packed full of breathtaking and Iconic paintings and photographic images, for a variety of clients. His client list includes: The Federal Republic of Nigeria, Media 24, Virgin, Wisemen Apparel, Duchess, Flair Productions, LDA, AD Consulting, Fate Foundation, LEAP Africa, Lowe Lintas, Finbank, Strand Capital, Tiffany Amber, Fruition, Genevieve Magazine, NEXT 234/Elan; just to name a few. Isaac remains very selective about his work and divides his time between painting and running his photography studio.